The Western Australian Tractorpull Association. inc (Tractorpulling In WA since 1986)
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Tractor Name: VENOMOUS

Class: Super Mini

Engine: Chevy 383

Trans: T350

Clutch: 2500 High stall converter.

Diff: Toyota Stout.

Tyre: Firestone tyres with alloy rims.


Owner: Warwick Hall.

Driver: Warwick

Info: Warwick got the bug in 2008 after a visit to Rosher’s he couldn’t build one fast enough.

After all his hard work the finished product is Venomous, This is a real credit to Warwick and his support from Challenger TAFE WA on this project.

Now that Warwicks hooked I am sure he’ll be pulling for many years to come.

Warwick also a keen supporter for the Utes, Drags & Speedway events in WA.